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Play Therapy

As a Registered Play Therapist and Supervisor (RPT-S) over the past fifteen years, I have helped many children overcome anxiety, trauma and phobias. It is important to work with a Registered Play Therapist because in order to have this certification there is a lot of education and supervision to get the certification and then more training to keep it. On-line these sessions are just as successful. Parents need to remain in the room the whole time for younger children. Check out the blog I wrote A View into Online Counseling with Children and Families- What is needed from Parents and Therapists.

The play therapy sessions consist of working with children individually or in mindfulness-based family play therapy sessions. Collaborating with parents monthly is an important part of the process. I’m available to parents throughout the their child’s journey to help them emotionally support their child.

Play Therapy is very important for young children to heal. They learn through play and express themselves that way. It is their language. There are metaphors in their play to help guide us to an understanding of their inner thoughts and emotions.

Often other tools or techniques are interwoven into the play therapy sessions such as cognitive behavioral techniques, mindfulness meditation or energy psychology. This will help the children develop coping skills to find peace within themselves.

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