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Some of my clients came when they were tired of the roller coaster of emotions…..

Jennifer*, a 47-year-old doctor, She is a highly sensitive person and an Empath.

  • Feeling anxious and overwhelmed by all of the expectations at work. Too many patients.
  • Increasing responsibilities at home with the children.
  • Questioning whether this is still a good career choice.
  • Through our talk therapy, cognitive and energy techniques she was able to make boundaries and choices that align with her heart, who she is, and is happier.

Marcy* college student, age 19, was struggling inside even though she has everything she ever wanted, a family, a career, a relationship, and friends. She is an empath.

  • Daily Nagging feeling of despair, anxiety.
  • Something bad is going to happen at any moment.
  • Insomnia keeps her up at night.
  • As she begins to learn about her triggers, how to use the tools she is given in session, outside of session her life becomes more manageable.

Daniel*, age 8 year old boy, was acting out at school and at home.

  • Anxious being left at a party.
  • Frustrated easily.
  • Throwing things across the room when angry.
  • Through family sessions and individual sessions he was taught emotion regulation skills, communication skills and the parents learned new ways to parent his personality. His learning disability was identified and helped at school. Now they have a more peaceful home environment and the school issues have stopped.

Charlie* Chief Financial Officer, age 45, keeps thinking about the natural disaster he endured when he was 25. He is a highly sensitive person.

  • Getting triggered every time there is another big weather threat.
  • The worry comes over him, he tries to think differently. It’s so out of his control (torture really).
  • This interferes with his current family time. Because he is afraid something bad will happen to them.
  • Through a couple of Comprehensive Energy Psychology treatments, the flashbacks became distant memories and he was able to enjoy his family more fully through our work together in sessions and outside of sessions through homework, he was able to focus on the positivity in his life creating more internal peace.

Do these stories sound relatable to you? All of them have moved forward in their life to manage the anxiety, post traumatic experience and the other symptoms.

*All four of these stories are generalized to keep confidentiality.

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